Customer Service

Customer Service is paramount here at Sound & Cinema and we want to make sure that as our
customer you are taken care of every step of the way through your purchase. If you have any
questions about a product or any concerns we are here to answer your questions and fulfill
your needs. Please feel free to email us at and we will make it a
priority to get you a reply within 48 hours from when we receive your message.


If you are not totally satisfied with the purchase, you can return your product within 30
days of the purchase date and we will happily refund your money (more information below). If
you would like to return your product in exchange for a different product or the product has
some defects, simply return your item in 30 days of the purchase date and we will happily
exchange it for you. If the return is for the product having a defect or an error was made
while processing your order on our end, we are more than happy to cover the expense of
shipping the return and the replacement items if applicable. If there are no issues with
your purchase and the order was correctly fulfilled, then the shipping expenses would have
to be covered by the customer for a return or replacement. 

For instructions on how to return your purchase, please call 250-933-1324 or e-mail and make sure to have your order details available with a list of the
products you would like to return or exchange. Afterwards, you will be contacted with the
shipping instructions and any additional information for returning your item(s). If there is
no authorization with the return, the return will not be accepted. Sound & Cinema will
happily provide a full refund for all products that are returned in 30 days of its purchase
date and the product’s condition is “like new”, including accessories, manuals, and
packaging. Exceptions: • Cable boxes, satellite radio, and satellite systems are not
returnable, once they are activated; • Third-party fees, deliveries, installations, customer
accessories, professional set-up fees, labour charges, and special orders are not
refundable. Purchased home install or car install labour, which has not been used, is valid
a year after the purchase date. A home install/car install booking requires a 24-hour notice
of the install appointment to be cancelled and refunded. You must have your original Sound &
Cinema invoice/receipt to process an exchange, or refund.