Basic headunits & navigation decks

We've done the most simple AM/FM decks for escavators, and the most complex navigation units for current year trucks. We have access to many different suppliers for the latest, greatest of double DINN headunit receivers or even the most simple decks just to fill a hole. If you're used to a certain UI from one of the brands, we'll likely be able to set you up with a new headunit from the same brand.

Installation done right

All of the wiring connections we do are done right. Most of the time we use solder and heat shrink. We do not tap into unnecessary wires, and do not modify stuff that we shouldn't be touching! When your stereo gets installed by us, you can be certain that the connections will hold when you go over speed bumps and all the stock features in the vehicle will remain untouched.
The only reason you'll come back in is to get more audio products!

Speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and more...

Looking to upgrade the stereo system in your car? We highly recommend for you to visit the shop and take a listen to our demo boards. We have many different brands of speakers & subwoofers on display. It all comes down to what type of music you listen to, how loud you want it, and the clarity you're going for. Let us match the right pricepoint to product for you.


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