Pre-wiring & more...

Did your home come pre-wired for an audio setup?
We know what to do with it. Let us do one quick in-home consultation if your house is already setup for an audio system. We will then come up with options for filling in the holes with the correct product for what your end goal may be.
If you are still in the process of building or renovating and wish to have your home pre-wired for audio, please let us know and we can get the job done at a great value rate.

Sound dampening and insultation

Looking to get rid of an annoying rattle in your vehicle when listening to music? Or just to enhance the sound quality in your vehicle? We can add a layer of sound dampening to door panels, trunk liners, and more.

Fine tuning your vehicle....

From DSPs and processors to custom 18" sub boxes, we do all of it and everything in between! Contact us today if you have a vehicle where it makes sense to have "out of the ordinary" sized boxes installed or DSPs / processors which may require a bit of fine-tuning. Even if you would like just a custom sub box/amp under the seat or hidden - you can contact us about that too!


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