Our Vision

A Vision Without Action Is Just A Dream, Sound & Cinema Makes Dreams Come True!

Changing With the Times

With the busy world we live in with the demand to have things we need and want on the fly, we have decided to bring the change that is needed in the electronics industry as well as keeping your needs as a number one priority we decided to join two of the most powerful forces into one unique buying experience. In today's world we can buy EVERYTHING online, how exciting to know you have that option, the biggest downfall is you can't see it, feel it and experience it before you buy it. You do not buy your clothes for the most part without trying it on first. (most of it) So when it comes to big-ticket items that you will enjoy in your home for years to come, you don’t want to make a split second decision or an uneducated buy. That is where we join forces with the e-commerce generation. You see, physical shopping at your local owned and operated business and online shopping really do go hand in hand, and we are paving the way to show you how a boutique store and ecommerce will make your life simple and easy, by providing you with what you need in the electronics and technology sector, and being able to physically help you and support your decisions with our team of highly qualified and educated employees.

So in conclusion ...

We are very excited to serve the local community in every way possible. If you have any question, comments or concerns we invite you to stop by the store and chat with us in person or simple use the contact form provided under the “Contact Us” section. We also hope that you will join us across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles to stay up to the date on all announcements, specials and updates!

We Are Here To Help

Car Audio & More

From Decks and speakers to amps and subwoofers Sound & Cinema has you covered. We can help you from start to finish in achieving the best sound for your vehicle.

Surround Sound

Looking to enjoy your current TV with higher quality sound? We can help you choosing the right surround sound and speaker system for your home.

Sound Science

True quality sound is not only in the products but in the setup of the equipment you purchase. We have sound, down to a science so we can help educate you on the best setup for your budget.

Right Here, Right Now

We are local, we are here for you and we are ready to help. Electronics and Technology are in high demand in this day and age and we are here to guide you in the right direction. Satisfaction Gaurenteed!